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Hey there, I'm Finn, a videographer from Germany. I love filming and editing videos from around the world, with a special focus on capturing beautiful landscapes and places. Exploring new destinations is my thing, and turning those experiences into unforgettable videos is what I enjoy the most. Nature is a big inspiration for me, and filming its beauty is something I find endlessly fascinating.


Over the years, I've collaborated with a diverse range of clients with different projects, creating and editing videos to enhance their online presence. I've helped their business grow by creating cool videos that bring in more customers on their website and social media.


While I do a bit of everything as a videographer, I particularly enjoy creating awesome professional non standard drone shots from above because it offers a different view of places. Mixing travel and filming is the best combo for me to make great content for my clients.


I’m Sarah, a backpacking and blogger girl from Germany, usually travelling solo around the world and now being accompanied by my brother.

When travelling, I love to get off the beaten track as I think this is the best way to experience local life, immerse myself in local culture and discover places away from mass tourism.

I love the outdoors, hiking, chasing waterfalls, driving around with the scooter, scuba diving and snorkeling.


Apart from sharing my adventures on Instagram, I have a blog on which I write about my travel stories, give recommendations and help others plan their travels. Last year I also opened an online travel shop where I offer personally curated travel guides as well as travel services, including colsultation calls, custom itineraries and curated recommendations.


Travelling has always been my biggest passion and although I’m just getting started with content creation, I am very enthusiastic about creating memorable and amazing content about incredible places like yours and show the world unique destinations and experiences, captured on camera.

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