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Sony a7siii

The Sony A7S III is considered an outstanding choice for your video project, thanks to its impressive 4K video quality, advanced autofocus features, and its ability to deliver impressive results even in low-light conditions. The camera provides exceptional performance and versatility, making it a top-tier option for professional videography.


7 zoll fpv

The 7-inch Long Range FPV drone stands out for its smooth flight maneuvers, enabled by its larger propellers, while an impressive battery life ensures extended flights in nature and relaxed camera movements. The remarkable range of this drone opens up fascinating perspectives for stunning shots, for example, in nature.



5 zoll fpv

The 5-inch FPV drone stands out for its fast flight maneuvers and high agility, providing a dynamic and agile flying experience. As a versatile option, it offers the perfect balance between long range for extended flights and the ability to capture unique perspectives for exclusive camera shots.


mini indoor drone

The mini-indoor FPV drone stands out for its size and propeller guards, which protect against scratches and collisions in tight spaces, making it ideal for use in small rooms and wherever space is limited. With its ability to provide unique insights into tight spaces, it enables fascinating flights and recordings in locations that are inaccessible to larger drone.




Integrating a GoPro onto an FPV drone enables high-quality, razor-sharp recordings from a first-person perspective during breathtaking flight maneuvers. The high image quality and weight of the GoPro, combined with the agility of the FPV drone, create a unique filming experience for action and sports shots.

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