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Why FPV and not a conventional drone?

First-Person-View (FPV) drones differ from conventional drones in various aspects, and they offer some specific advantages:


Dynamic perspectives:

FPV Experience: The biggest difference lies in the FPV experience, where the pilot receives a real-time view of the drone camera through video goggles or a screen. This allows for an immersive flying sensation, as if you're sitting in the cockpit of the drone yourself. As a result, the footage captured appears much livelier, action-packed, and dynamic.

Better Orientation: The FPV view facilitates flight control since the pilot has a clear perspective of the surroundings, which is particularly crucial when the drone is operating in challenging terrain or tight spaces.

Flight maneuvers and speed:

Agility: FPV drones are often smaller and more agile, allowing them to perform quick turns and flight maneuvers. This is particularly appealing for flights in confined spaces or environments.

High Speeds: FPV drones can achieve higher speeds than many conventional drones, making them appealing to users who enjoy flying at high speeds.


Customization options:


Modifications: FPV drones are often customizable, allowing pilots to customize their drones according to their preferences. This ranges from choosing the camera to making modifications to the motor, propellers, and other components.

Do-it-yourself (DIY): There is a strong DIY culture among FPV enthusiasts who enjoy building their own drones to meet their specific requirements and preferences, to fulfill every customer request.

It's important to note that due to their speed, agility, and control, FPV drones are not suitable for beginners. It often requires more practice and experience to fly FPV drones safely.

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