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Potential Campaign

We would like to create some amazing content for your accomodation, showcasing the rooms, amenities and everything your place has to offer, while also capturing the stunning beauty of the surroundings, not only from the ground but also from the sky, using a drone to get impressive and unique aerial views, portraying your accomodation as the go-to destination.


To make it complete, we are also offering footage of the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world when scuba diving or snorkeling.

We will professionally edit all photos and videos, allowing you to use this content on your social media or website. This content not only draws in more customers but also leaves a lasting impression.

FPV drone shots

Get stunning aerial footage for your website or clients through customized FPV drone shots. Nearly all flight maneuvers or perspectives can be realized upon agreement.

Image editing

Upon request, there is the possibility to capture photos in addition to the video shoot, which will then be professionally edited using an image editing program.

Traditional camera shots

With the DJI gimbal system and the SONY A7SIII camera, traditional camera shots are possible, leading not only to aerial footage but also to individual camera movements. In addition, we are also shootimg underwater footage.

Commercial films

Basically, any desired video purpose can be fulfilled, whether it's for promotional videos on your own website, personal projects, or commissioned work for your clients.

Video editing

After completing all recordings, individual editing takes place, including cropping as desired, integration of various video effects, suitable music and sounds, and final color grading.

Social Media

Among other options, there is the possibility to create individual short clips for your social media channels from the outstanding video material.


Finn Geiger

Kirschenweg 28

74211 Leingarten


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